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Vogue Photographer Project: The Crisp White Shirt

As a vogue photographer project, Uniform White is a photoshoot for a fashion blogger named The Crisp White Shirt. They are two ladies managing their blogs. 

We came into contact due to a professional friend. It is a regular weekend project. Every week we will be shooting a new model and clothes. The requirement from my side is to see the clothes before the shooting day and location details. They agreed to it. Their request is not to post the images on social media until they post them first.

Uniform White Shooting

Each Sunday, the shooting time was from 7 A.M to 11 A.M. We all will be there at the designated location. Slowly this became a habit and regular source of photographs. Most of their clothes were white or light-coloured. We were shooting in Mumbai anywhere and everywhere. We were getting good fashion and lifestyle images. Each week I was very excited and charged up. But slowly, I felt like getting used. The creative spark has started diminishing. The bloggers had a single format they always wanted, but I wanted to change it. In other words, mutually, we disagreed to work with each other and parted. Finally, after four months of working together, we separated.

fashion photographer project full white with bag

Vogue Photographer: Uniform White

But, during this project, I learned a lot about styling, makeup and costumes. I got a good hand on outdoor direct sunlight photography. Using of reflector in a crowded street needs talent. Overall this project got me into trouble and also gave me a way to solve it. 

Thank You

Finally, I’ll always be thankful to the crisp white shirt group and the models. I don’t remember all their names, but I remember Chandini Shreen, the model of this blog. Her images were the best I could get from my complete project. The dress, the bag and the accessories were complementary to each other. Just one perfect FASHION IMAGE

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