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Portfolio Photoshoot

Finding a portfolio photoshoot for that perfect model is easy here with me. I am a portfolio photographer and love working with models only. I do portfolio photoshoots for no charge on Sunday. On Weekdays I do not do photography until it is interesting. Mumbai is my favourite destination for work. But can also travel if required.

This post is about a portfolio photoshoot at Dhuri resort in Mumbai is a collab photoshoot. I like this image since it is dynamic. And also my favourite colour is Blue. 

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Lastly, I love to work with aspiring models and not actors. As I have already mentioned, that photography is not my Bread and Butter.


The first step to entering the modelling industry is to have a professional portfolio. We believe that behind every successful model, there is a good Portfolio. One must get his portfolio done with great care and preparation. Because a poorly shot portfolio can damage your career as a model and actor even before it begins!!


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If you want to be a wannabe model looking forward to boosting your career internationally and being recognized globally, this is the right time and place to grab the opportunity. Being featured in several foreign magazines, I know their criteria and requirements. So be ready for Sundays with womens cloths.

Now for costume, it is you who will be carrying your clothes. For a portfolio photoshoot, we need to talk, plan, and meet once before the photoshoot. The meeting is a segment part of your photo shoot. It helps in acquaintance and grows trust for each other. Also, the team gets to know each other. So, it is always good to meet before selecting your clothes.  Highlight is, if you can arrange womens cloths from any fashion designer, will also be good.

As for the location, we will mutually decide. But the final decision will be mine if outdoor. For indoors, the expenses will be mutual. 

So, pack your best traditional and casual costumes. 

After all, this, do not forget to take away your PORTFOLIO with you.

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