Project page contents are the list of VFX assignments that I have worked till date. These are all most of my jobs till now. Each project does have its challenge. 


I started with a television series called SONPARI and SHARAARAT. Working on these for more than two years was amazing. Since it was my initial stage of learning, I loved working on them. The RISING, starring Aamir Khan, was my first Movie. In this, I was in the role of a compositor and Matchmover. At that time, Matchmoving was a very new skill I learnt myself.


As a senior VFX artist, I have worked in different positions, like Compositor, Matchmover, TD and sometime on-set supervisor, for various projects. I have always loved working in multiple departments. It gives satisfaction but consumes a lot of energy and time. 


I am still learning. Learning is a process which will never stop. In other words, new software is evolving and coming into the market. I cannot handle myself with each software. So I take the help of upcoming artists proficient in the required software. There are no juniors or seniors in VFX. All are professionals. In other words, the only thing we have more from a junior artist is experience.



At this time of my career, I’m still thirsty for better work. I am working for my current job and freelance sometimes. Most of the time, I keep exploring my fashion and magazine side of photography. Photography knowledge helps a lot while on-set. In Visual Effects, camera knowledge or sense has a lot to do on-set. You can guess and suggest the DOP with the lens. In other words, we can discuss lenses to save vfx works.

To conclude, Visual Effects are in my habit now. My friends say, “Nirakar never sees movies… He sees only footage with sound”