My resume is a text format document that communicates my qualifications and consolidates my experience in my career. It will also provide an overview of my professional qualifications, relevant work experience, skills and education. My complete career is in Visual Effects section.


I don’t remember the exact date of this incident. I got the results of my 10th board exam with decent marks. To entertain myself I thought of going to a movie. Since the movie will take a lot of time, I planned to visit the theatre near my house. It was MAHARAJA, Bhubaneswar. To my happiness, there was an English movie named JURASSIC PARK. At that time there was a craze of English movies within youngsters, since there were adult scene in them. Till that time I could never understand a foreign accent. I saw the poster and thought of it as a Ghost Movie. But later everything changed.


I will write it soon


My resume comes with several parts and elements. They are organised and showcased in a manner that makes it easy to understand my information. Also, highlight my most prominent attributes for the desired job. I follow this structure to create an outstanding format:

  • name and contact details (Start with my full name and contact information, including your phone number and email address.)
  • educational qualification (Listed my latest education experience first and work backwards, this included the courses that I’ve completed at university and other institutions)
  • skills (I have created headings for these topics and list information relevant to the job I am applying for.)
  • professional experience (I listed most recent jobs with the title of my position, the name and location of the company, and the dates I worked there. I placed them in order with the most recent job first. )

Therefore, I try to keep my resume short and to the point, so I can make a good impression when an employer takes a glance at it.