Spotless Beauty is a series of portfolio images. The model and I decided the location at at Madh in Malad West, Mumbai. We had already decided the costumes. Makeu up guy, Mr VIjay Sahu was travelling with me to the location. The house we selected was in a large compound. Out side interference was minimum. The care taker was a guy from Nepal. He was more like a production assistant to us during the photoshoot.

Spotless Beauty Extra Room

Firstly, we were happy that there was a extra room to the back of the house. We used is as a changing and makeup room. While walking to that area we realised that there are few more places to discover and utilise. Once we settled in, every member started unfolding their requirements. It took around 25 mins to completely create a base life facility.

Secondly, its time now to prepare for the photoshoot. I have already decided the location for the first look. After the wardrobe selection the hair stylist was on his way. Base makeup was already applied. I was very sceptical about the hairs since the look was more western. With a little discussion we kept the hair natural with a band on the top.

She was suppose to stand near a white circular table that can be detached into two C shaped tables. The whole place was into white zone. The model was in black which looked really great. But I was missing my colors. So I found a red table clock which I used as a property.

Lastly the location was lit very evenly with the Shun shine. I love


Lastly, for lighting we used the hanging LED star decorating lights. After few clicks from various angles I got the light as foreground keeping her in focus. And the first click gave me a confidence.

She was excited seeing the first image. Both were now confident. Now we played some music to carry on the mood of the moment. We kept on shooting till the time I had no new angle to explore.

She had plenty of poses to do. Each image gave both more boost and confidence. We incorporated several more hanging lights and got many more exciting images.

This is one of my best photoshoot till date naming it Beauty Of Light. More about these photos are on magazine page.

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