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Beauty Of Light is a series of images for a french magazine. The model and I was hanging out at her place. We were discussing about different types of photography. After a lot of discussion we planned for a session. As a matter in fact I always carry my DSLR with me. Its a Nikon D 5600.

Beauty of Light STEP 1

Firstly, we fixed a location. She had a peacock green wall custom painted which I was very much interested in. The color was appealing and vibrant.

Secondly, I was now in search of her costume and look. After a few discussion and head banging we started building a look with her existing cloths. We mutually planned her in her regular bra as a base for start.

Third, now were now looking for a hair style. After several variations I confirmed one. As soon as we were at a good starting point, I was looking for accessories. We turned her house upside down. Then suddenly a wall hanging caught my eyes. I was very suspicious about that but for a test I asked her to wear it as a necklace. Without hesitation she wore it.

I am always scared of results that turns rag. So I am always praying before my photoshoot.


Lastly, for lighting we used the hanging LED star decorating lights. After few clicks from various angles I got the light as foreground keeping her in focus. And the first click gave me a confidence.

She was excited seeing the first image. Both were now confident. Now we played some music to carry on the mood of the moment. We kept on shooting till the time I had no new angle to explore.

She had plenty of poses to do. Each image gave both more boost and confidence. We incorporated several more hanging lights and got many more exciting images.

This is one of my best photoshoot till date naming it Beauty Of Light. More about these photos are on magazine page.

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