Upside nude glamour image
Beautiful Pretty sensual girl nude with saree wrapped

Beautiful Nude Girl

The beautiful nude girl image of the female model is gorgeous, passionate and glamorous. The featured female is a very close friend of mine. She works as a freelance fashion model. She is always very comfortable with me for these kinds of bold and attractive photoshoots. Trust is also a necessary criterion in these photoshoots. 

Glamour Photoshoot

Beautiful nude girl necklace white shirt glamour open

Glamour or Nude photoshoot is more of skin less with minimal or no clothes on. Fashion clothes, party dresses can also be used for this genre. For men getting nude is not much of a problem due to their social status. For women, this is a huge step. I guess this is only the confidence and respect that makes interested women comfortable with any photographer. 


The nude, in essence, has been capturing humanity across the world, from all ages. From the beginning of time, the male and female nude has been motivating and developing artists with each passing generation. But there is a faint line between Nudity and Pornography for me. For me, Nudity is beautiful and shows the body with light and shade. Whereas, Pornography has the intent to display sexual activity. This thought may vary from person to person. Nude is a wonderful part of our daily lifestyle which occurs unknowingly.

Beautiful Nude Girl Shoot

Beautiful nude girl white shirt glamour open

During a photoshoot, we were planning for creative makeup. This makeup is in the final image. Later we both agreed to have a seminude shoot with just the white shirt. During photographing I got several good images. But was not satisfied with them. So I planned to change the perspective. In other words, different angle approach. I stood up at a height, asking her to look at me. These images were very dynamic and glamorous to me. Some of these images were featured in Fashion and nude magazines.


For me, the nude is a sacred art form. It can incorporate colours, poses, focus, lighting and several other ingredients into it. General people are not aware of these thoughts since they have a different approach towards women and life.

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