Magazines are peaceful to look at. More exciting when my own images are getting pages in the magazine.
This all started a few years back. I was educating myself on photography. I was also unaware of the difference between fashion, glamour, editorial etc. During this time, I wished for some kind of validation. Which I believe will help me in setting my correct learning direction.
Firstly there is no guide to coach the exact or nearby path. So out of desperation, I was trying out several ways. Magazine idea is also one of the several ideas.
Secondly, I got several collaboration invitations. I chose some of them and they were very successful. I promptly rearranged the lights for my own desired look.
Third I grew my connections with models and makeup artists. Due to my VFX background, I am in touch with many producers. They do hunt locations for me.
Lastly, I am in contact with magazines regarding their submission process. They do not charge but, if selected, I’ll have to buy a copy from the magazine.


Each magazine carries its own selection criteria. Getting rejection gives me motivation and sharp eyes for defects. Towards the end, I started getting happiness even with the rejection mail.
The first selection is by Envie Fashion Magazine. Such a huge relief and content. I am now hopeful that my images are good. Slowly my confidence is growing with each selection. In other words, I am trying to differentiate the close borders between all the fashion genres.
I always ask fresh models to take chances for magazines. The only expense is time and hard work. The whole team meeting is a must before the scheduled date. This helps everyone to know and understand each other better professionally.
Lastly, trust the photographer and respect all the team members.

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