Traditional dress red punjabi female model

Traditional dress, the selection is by the model herself. Gitanjali Gill, the model, is a Punjabi Film actress. We got to know each other through a mutual friend. This photoshoot is her updated portfolio of that time. Later I could categorise the images as fashion and lifestyle.

This photoshoot took place at Borivali National Park. Gitanjali and I met at a coffee shop and discussed the costumes.


We did not want to spend on this photoshoot since this was more like a test shoot. So we choose Borivali National Park. A location for people who love nature, trees and forests. There was a working narrow gauge train at that time with working stations. This place does have a lot of location options.

The Traditional Dress Shoot

With the traditional dress and nature around, the images were great. They were natural and expressive. Firstly, we had three changes in mind, and more-ever didn’t want to spend the whole day. The best part is that her mother accompanied her with food for the crew, which we never expected.

The first location was the narrow gauge locomotive lines. We selected a place near the station. Here we had the red and blue traditional dress.

The second location was a rough patch away and below the railway track. A blue top was the costume for this location. During the shooting, we were called back by a security guard, since the leopard was there in the vicinity.

The third location was a road near the railway track. We had to wait after a few shots. In other words, people were moving up and down, disturbing the photoshoot. For the same location, we planned another change. An animal print top with sunglasses. This was a quick decision since we all thought that three changes are too less.

The Traditional Day Ends

Lastly, the photo shoot finished nearly at 3:30 PM. We all were very tired and wanted to go home asap. We all were also satisfied with the outcomes. Her mother’s traditional food made our day.

I’ll always thank my friends who acted like my assistants during the photoshoot. In other words, they all helped me. This was like a professional photoshoot picnic which will be very close to my heart.

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