Out of the Cubicle

Dance Photographer is a great genre. Out Of The Cubicle is a self-assigned project during my photography education. I am from a VFX background having no clue about the photography industry. I am shy, so approaching someone is difficult for me. So to keep me busy on weekends, I allocated this project.

When I started, I was clueless. But gradually, after every step, it simplified itself to ease. Finding dancers each week and convincing them to photograph was not an easy task. In other words, the only scary part is denial. But I have to start it by any means. So I took up a plan. I started noting each step and gave myself a deadline.


First, I noted the number of people I should approach. I was not sure about the reaction of my friends. Still, I called them and told the whole project, and to my surprise, they all agreed to help. In two days, a few dancers’ timing locked for different Sundays. Slowly dancers got dancers into my project.


After two months, I started posting dance photographs on social media. To this time, I have shot ten or more dancers. Slowly it grew up, and the time came when I was fixing dates for dancers. The major problem is, I’m only available on Sunday. During this time, I got a project on a little-known sportswear company. They required stills of two females with their clothes on. (Images shared) Gradually people guessed I was a dance photographer.


Now I have stopped doing the project. But I am willing to start it again from scratch. Now I have a better connection than before. Being on the shooting set helps me in connecting.

This time I’ll have videos for Behind The Scene. These videos give satisfaction and footage to edit and colour grade. In one process, I am learning a lot.

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