Showreel is a short video of my recent works that adds to my experience. For example, creating a reel is to highlight a person, a brand or a service. In my case, it is Visual Effect supervision, both on and off set. Showreel contains the most effective and appealing video clips from my work. It helps the client or people interested in your profile, a convenient way of finding you. This is also like a short resume in video format.


This habit keeps me on my heels. Because each time I compare my showreels, if the quality of the work is not good, then the time spent on the project is a waste. I still have my earliest televised on a disk. Showreel briefs about my mistakes and achievements for a particular project.


In my video, I don’t have to include all your works. The ideal is to make a selection. However, when creating my Visual Effects video, I often want to add everything representing my primary skills and strengths.


In other words, a showreel is a video slice in which I show my work. Hence, it does not include all of my work, only the most interesting and successful ones. However, I make my video to show the client about my goals and objectives.


Generally, one of the main aspects of a showreel is its duration and quality. It should be no longer than 1.5-2 minutes. I place the most appealing videos at the beginning to catch my viewer’s attention. The person watching the clip will probably watch many videos and may not have time to watch it until the end. The shorter the visuals, the better.


Any video editing software will help you in creating this. For example, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro etc. The beast and free software is DaVinci Resolve.