Art Photography

Art photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. Unlikely fashion and nude, good art images capture the personality and emotions of people around. 

The subject is the most important aspect of portrait photography. Overall, making the subject comfortable is an essential factor for a successful portrait photograph. Should connect with the client before the photo shoot and, if possible, meet in person. In other words, it is best to get to know each other and let the subject know more about the style of photography and what exactly I will be looking for in the shoot. I always desire to discuss the ideas about my shoot with the subject.


Firstly a location always influences the outcome of any photo shoot. Secondly, an outdoor photoshoot requires a lot of pre-planning. In my case, the weather forecast, time of the day, changing lighting and environment have a lot of effects. In other words, avoid shooting in direct sunlight as it produces harsh shadows and can make the subject squint. 

I exercise much more control while shooting indoors. After that, I need to plan my portrait lighting arrangements properly to complement the shoot. In other words, from the model’s clothes to backdrops to poses, everything is looked at by me.


Portraiture photography, first and foremost, is about your artistic expression and technique, which takes a lot of practice to perfect. Once you start understanding the genre of portrait photography, it’s time to invest in a good camera and lens. Lastly, it is a matter of understanding and experience, where effective use of cameras and gears is visible. 

RIGHT LENSES for Art Photography

Lastly, a camera lens is the most vital tool in catching the right shot. Above all, there is no such thing as the best lens for portrait photography. It is up to me to decide the lens that fits the scenario best.

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