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About Me, I am a Visual Effects Supervisor and Freelance Commercial Photographer living in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, India. I was born in 1979 in Odisha, India

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Visual Effects

Throughout my schooling, I was very good at sports. I also used to play the violin and always wanted to be a sportsman or artist. 

1994 after my 10th grade. Jurassic Park changed the course of my life.

I pursued Visual Effects and shifted to Mumbai. 

For my detailed experience, kindly check my Resume and Projects under the Filmography menu. Visual Effect Showreel and On Set will also provide a better experience and knowledge about my career. All these above connections will give you a complete idea of my career.

It has been more than a decade in Visual Effects. Feel free to contact me and discuss VFX.


Ross-Ensign’s Fulvueflex

I grew up with a Ross-Ensign’s Fulvueflex camera, made 1957-1959, and was already there at my place from my childhood. For me, the camera was an instrument which inverts the viewing area. 

When I shifted to Mumbai for VFX, I saw Digital SLR, which looked nothing like Ross-Ensign’s Fulvueflex. Also, I bought it for texture extraction and gradually got addicted to it.

The Internet is my only source of knowledge and understanding. The expertise of software from Visual Effects was a plus for my photography.

Photography is an observation that feels and passes to the audience.

Started as a Dance Photographer and gradually shifted to fashion. Several images of mine have been featured in various international magazinesBehind the scene gives an overall experience of my working environment.

I am available for commercial and private work and do not like to limit myself to any one genre of photography. 

Thank you for visiting my website, and feel free to connect with me.

If you don’t want to use the form then mail me at ” [email protected]