In The Beginning:

Firstly this project is from my the time when I was self learning. To learn faster and better I wanted to push myself into a project. After a few discussion with my friends I planned and started “Color of dance“.

This is a self assigned project which I took on myself. My plan was to shoot on weekends after my office days. Initially it was a bit hectic in arranging and the dancers, their costumes and location. Later it became easy for me when participants poured in surplus. This is also another problem. Now I have to manage them for weekends. Also, I cannot negate them since they are all helping me.

Color Of Dance Still Continues…


Color dance suspended dance photography

Secondly for each photoshoot I have to select a location and makeup, as costume comes with the participant. Make up came very easy to me whenever female artists come for shooting. They use to take there own make up with my suggestion into it. The project went ahead with mouth publicity after a few weeks. Dancers usually came to me happily, since no one use to photograph them on street or location. They were always photographed on stage or in the green room.

Once I got a call form a person who could not speak Hindi properly. His english was having an unknown accent. But after a couple of minute conversation I could understand him. The person was from the South of India. He was an artist of Kalaripayattu, a martial art from ancient India.

He was in Mumbai for few week. Also the artist was a software engineer by profession. He decided the location and formation for the photoshoot.

But due to his emergency he suddenly flew back to Kerala. He promised that he will be back. We are still in touch. Due to work pressure I am also not able to visit him for the photoshoot. The same for him also.

One day we will..