Fashion Photographer

I always consider myself a photographer. Tagging the templet, FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER will be an injustice to my imagination. Capturing anything and everything beautiful is my wish. But it should have a human in the images. Except for marriage, I love doing every other genre of photography. I understood the word fashion after a very long time. 

Beginning As A Fashion Photographer

Firstly, a female friend PANKH GAUR was and is my test model. We both love working with each other. She is the only reason I could express my thoughts or visions to models. What I understood till now is to keep shooting and shooting. Eyes, Brain and thoughts will evolve with every shooting. In other words, when someone needs me, or I am free from my Visual Effects, I photograph.


Secondly, network and maintain relationships with people in the industry. Also, social networking sites are great for this, as great fashion photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, magazines, and photo editors, are found online. It may take some digging, but social networks have resources to aid you in your quest. I preferred the other way and first got my website. Now I’ll shoot better images and keep posting on my social sites and websites.

Developing A Style

I do not understand this exactly. It sounds like keywords that come to mind during planning. Colours, Contrast, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Defocus are some keywords that come to mind. In other words, in the beginning, I do not know what to think, but with experiences, it evolves

Keep Shooting

The way of becoming a successful fashion photographer can be a long one. But, do not give up. Shoot in the beginning as a hobby in all of your spare time. In other words, create as often as you can. The experience will be invaluable. Since this is not my living, I’ll keep trying my path into this fashion photography industry in my way and time.

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