On-set Visual Effects supervisor job is increasing each day. In other words, as the increase of Visual Effects projects, the same as the on-set VFX supervisor. On-set VFX supervisor is a very attentive and calculative job. Additionally, I have always been in sync with the DOP, Director, HOP and VFX supervisor. 

In my twenty years of in-house VFX, I am on-set for the last five years. I have come across several projects. I made a habit to read the script. Generally, reading gives a complete idea of the kind and amount of work. Shooting happens in pieces, so if we know the whole plot of a scene, we can pre-plan our shots. Reading the script also helps in understanding the basic requirements of different departments. 


Firstly, I have to take camera data and measurements of sets. Since LIDAR data is not there for this project, I have to take a lot of images of the location. CHROME ball and COLOUR chart data were also required. Camera crew friendship is essential since they will help share the Camera Data. Furthermore, there were three Directors in a series, and I had to coordinate with each separately. 


on-set vfx visual effect before after tamanna seyra narasimma reddy

During one show, flames on torches were to be created as additional VFX since we were shooting outdoor, and the wind was very fast for the torches. Due to heavy rain and a production time crunch, we shifted indoors for a war sequence. Overall, these are some examples of occupational hazards. 


When the shooting is over, I take all the data and handover them over to the post-production team. In other words, I discuss all the requirements and changes done on the set, if any, with the Team. Lastly, I will be their guide for any technical query. I also sit with the editor to guide them to use the correct VFX footage. 

In conclusion, the VFX on-set supervisor should be a great friend to all the departments on-set. All help us in one way or the other while filming.