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The upcoming page is the process of my gradual drift to other career options from Visual Effects and Photography.

This drift is happening due to my constant urge and mood in growing in life.

WHY Upcoming?

There may come a time in your life when you decide to change careers—perhaps even more than once. Career changes happen for several reasons, but when they do, it’s advantageous to be strategic. A researched, thoughtful career change will likely lead to greater job satisfaction.

My reason for wanting to change my career is as follows:

  • Stress Devaluation (Freedom From Job)
  • Flexibility (My Time My Wish)
  • Freedom (Ability To Decide My Time Against Remittance)
  • Opportunity for Advancement (Keeps Me Active In Learning New Subjects)
  • The Feeling Of Appreciation (In Profession Appreciation Is Very Deficient)

The upcoming page will keep an update on my free drift to another career.

First, consider my reactions to my last job and how it impacted my job satisfaction and my mental health. Job is a soft shackle which kills someone’s inner self. Initial days it is satisfying, but later it is painful and monotonous. As per my experience, growth is not on the basis of knowledge or talent. Several other requirements are needed, like pampering the boss etc. So I restrained myself from it and stared guiding my self to my other career options. This is risky but amusing. I had to go through a long planning. And GOD is also help full.

I’ll update you with all my recent upgrades once I get into them. I am really enjoying my time with my own self in exploring my new career. Learning and practising it is giving me a lot of self-satisfaction. Feeling very fresh and young nowadays. Meeting new people and interacting with them is boosting my self-confidence and decreasing my age.

In my profiles at LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK and others this change will soon reflect.

To know more about my upcoming projects, contact me.