Nude Photography

Nude photography is the creation of any photograph which contains an image of a nude or semi-nude or an image suggesting nudity. This genre is not exactly something that one can or should jump. This genre is emotional and sensitive. I took a lot of time to learn and plan to execute such photo sessions. As a photographer and an artist, I needed to have a game plan – and that plan should involve getting to know the model before the shoot.

In my case, the model is my friend with whom I have already shot for magazine fashion and creatives.

Not everyone is comfortable taking off clothes and posing for the camera. 

Nude Photography : Keep it Professional

I never touch my model during photo shoots unless I have explicit permission to do. Ask the makeup artist to touch her for your modification and changes if there are any. The model should trust you. 

Phrasing the right questions allow the model to fix the problem themselves so that you don’t need to make them uncomfortable by touching them when they don’t want to be touched.

Nude Photography : About Location

If your model is going to be nude, are they okay being in public? More to the point, are you in a part of the world where public nudity is illegal? Even if you are creating fine art, the law could prevent you from outdoor photoshoots.

I want a location with good natural lighting that gives me shadows and highlights. But I will also like a place where my model feels safe and comfortable since their comfort level is what will allow you to get the best shots and create gorgeous art.


The history of nude photography has, at least to some extent, left out the female perspective both as photographers and models. But, in overlooking the women who’ve helped shape this genre, we miss out on half of the story. It’s past time we gave them the attention they deserve.

Lastly, I’ll thank my friend for letting me practice nude photography with her.

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