Crimson red top infront painting
style photographer Crimson dress painting behind

Style Photographer

Style Photographer Project: Crimson, aka maroon, is the mood of the beloved character. She is faint, sensual and fragile. Getting loved by all but waiting for her lover makes her vulnerable to emotion. These images category is fashion, lifestyle and portraits. I directed this mood during the photoshoot. Also, it was a photo walk with many photographers and models.


The location, Dhuri Resort, was booked before. This location is quite far from Mumbai. This area had a wall painting with red colour in major. Also, the art was of a busy street which reflects the busy life or chaotic mental situation. The place is perfect, which portrays the disturbance within the mind.

style photographer Crimson emotion nail biting

Style Photographer Shooting Crimson

We were three photographers. We planned to take our turns one by one to shoot. Since shooting together will distract and disturb the model. So each photographer described the desired mood before shooting. While one is shooting, the other photographers will assist. It was fun learning and co-working. 

style photographer crimson maroon coloured on stair


Due to the outdoor location I have to select the proper gears for my shoot. Nikon d5600 is my personal tool I have. Now I needed a lens that should be versatile. So I selected my Nikkor 35mm f 1.8 lens. It has a wide opening for shallow depth of field and low light condition under shadows. For sunlight condition, I can fix it to F8 or more for proper exposure. I always use my grey, white and black cards before every shoot at a location.


I mostly prefer shooting outdoor fashion and portraits using the sunlight. I always treat it as my rim or separation light. Use reflectors to fill lights in the dark areas. There are other sets of images like this. My photographs are printed for various foreign fashion, lifestyle and portrait magazines.

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