sole model saree sea fashion pose

Single Model

Single model, single makeup artist and single assistant created this portfolio. It is my second portfolio photoshoot. The name of the model is Priyanka. The makeup artist is Vijay. My assistant is my brother-in-law, Sushant

Single model beach bikini


It was my beginning age of photography. So never found any need for any external light. But I always used a reflector. I always love to use and modify Sunlight during photoshoots. These were the times when I wanted to have a behind the scene video. So I asked the makeup artist to take videos. 

Single Location

My family and I once visited a beach called Manori. It was a clean and less populated beach. We were regular visitors to the beach. I named it the photography paradise, with no one to disturb. In other words, peaceful and less local interference. So, I planned the photoshoot there. We have already finished discussing costumes and accessories. In other words, all the permutations and combinations for each fashion change. 

single model frock mirror sky bleach

BEGINNING for Single Model

We started over a big rock with a colour frock. Most of the images I shot were against the sky. The second change was a bikini with a wet white shirt on top. I had already decided on the location. It was a little far from the beach and only accessible while the sea tide was low. The model could change clothes inside the rock walls. No single person from outside could guess our photoshoot. 


The day is entertaining and tiring. Walking the whole beach twice is a hell of a task. Just the love and passion for fashion kept me on my heels. One more thing, patience is a must. In other words, the situation, lighting, moods, or anything will fluctuate. The only recommended way is to have patience. In addition, This virtue will always protect and help us from difficult situations.

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