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eCommerce photography

eCommerce photography is an upcoming genre that appeared after the boom of eCommerce or online sites. People connect to online objects through photographs, so they need better and more images. eCommerce photography can also be called product photography. In other words, everything and anything sold online is a product. Good eCommerce photography attracts the right customers, tells a story, and lifts the overall quality of a store.

Get inspired : eCommerce photography

To enhance the quality of photography, one should always take inspiration from other images. Pinterest is one good example of a search for inspiration. One should make a board for ideas on collecting and shooting eCommerce photography. 

There is no limit to creativity. It keeps on developing with time and experience.

I do product photography only with models. In other words, I love photographing models, so this remains the same with products.

A mannequin is a good alternative for me to shoot. As a whole, I always need a human or human figure in my images.

Camera and Lens

More expenditure on the lens gives better quality glass and a robust internal structure. High-end glass is what makes a difference in the quality of your images. I prefer both zoom and fixed lenses. For zoom, I opt 24-105 mm and 85mm for a prime lens. As for the camera, I am a Nikon user, but I have also used Canon and Sony several times.

Image Capturing Software

Adobe Lightroom is a great program at an affordable price. Free alternatives like the Darktable and Rawthrapee are also available. Once teathered with the software, only hitting the spacebar will fire the camera. Softwares like these also helps in protecting and catalouging image files. I can monitor and adjust exposure and other camera settings, from the computer because the program communicates directly with your camera.

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