Seductive pose red couch attractive glamour

Sensual Images

Sensual Images are just words for the attractive and glamorous young female model lying on the red and vibrant couch. She is a bright and fresh model during this photoshoot. With a black top and jeans shorts, she looks desirable. Sensual Images come from the expression of the model. This photoshoot happened at a bar called Reflection in Andheri West, Mumbai.

Sensual Images PREPARATION

I liked the location as soon as I entered it. It is dimly lit, with artificial lights with large shaded windows pouring some lighting from the sun. 

There was a lot of furniture, and I found the sofa a fascinating property due to its colour and texture. But the placement was near the windows, which didn’t appeal to me. It would demand extra lighting on the model’s face. So I shifted it near the mirrors where the sunlight is from a side and could use a reflector. I used the complete area to picture her. But I love this location and the pictures.


These images became part of her portfolio. I love creating or providing portfolios to fresh models without any charges. But, they need to pay their other crew members for their labour. The model shouldn’t haste me for any photoshoot. Time is required to create a great work or craft. It is for free doesn’t mean it is unprofessional. I do not charge since this is not my bread and butter. In other words, the model should be serious about the photo shoot since we all are spending time. I can assure you that you will have a great time and photoshoot.


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