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Who is a Professional photographer?

The phrase, Professional photographer, is heard in the photography world. I am a Professional photographer statement is very common by almost all individuals with DSLR. As per Washington Post, “anyone who earns more than 50 per cent of his or her annual income from photography.” is a Professional Photographer. It sounds good to me. Now the question is, What is so great about being this? As per the above description, I am an amateur. 

I think of myself as a highly spirited photographic artist. As I have mentioned in my other posts, I do not make my living from photography. But I love doing, learning and talking about it. 

As per my knowledge, a professional photographer should have “some” of the following:

  1. Have been published in a magazine, newspaper, etc.
  2. Have put on a photographic show of their work.
  3. Have received acclaim in a nationwide photo contest.
  4. Presented at a photographic workshop.

From the above criteria, I have achieved only the first number.


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BASICS: It is important to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of photography to become a professional photographer. I spend time getting to know my camera and lenses well; experiment with changing settings like shutter speed and exposure to see if you can expand your creative abilities.


Take a hard look at your website and make sure it presents your best work in the clearest way possible. A busy art producer or creative director doesn’t want to spend time in trying to figure out how to access your images. In other words, they are here to see and feel, good images and shortlist. 

So self-marketing is a talent which all need to acquire. Some of these tips above may help you become a great photographer, which I am still dreaming.

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