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Portfolio Photographer

Fresh models need a portfolio to showcase themselves as professionals. Some also need to update as per the latest trends. I have done several portfolios of different models. Thus I am also a portfolio photographer. This photoshoot was a fun shoot of a veteran model. The location we chose was a burnt set near my working place.


Portfolio photographer brown dress burnt background

Her name is DISHA TEWANI from Singapore. She is a mother of two daughters. Before her marriage, she was a model and already had some experience. We met on a film set where I was the VFX shoot supervisor. Her younger daughter was acting in a Television series called KESHARI NANDAN. We casually discussed some looks and had a photoshoot. Overall, an abandoned set was near our working location, where we framed our photoshoot.


Portfolio photography is very similar to model photography. Being a portfolio photographer sometimes feels like a mentor for fresh models. Understanding a fresh model and working with them is tough. 

Model photographs are generally used in the fashion industry. 

A model who wants to do well in model photography shoots should remember a few tricks of the business to ensure success:

  1. Always be on time. Don’t let the crew or photographer wait for you.
  2. Listen to the photographer and try to understand well and act to his words. The photo shoot will be quick and smooth going.
  3. If you are a hired model, then act professionally. Try to cooperate as much as you can.

A portfolio photography shoot can also refer to a common practice where the photographer is taking photographs of a model for the model’s portfolio. The model pays the photographer for these photographs. Also, an agency can organize the model photography shoot on behalf of the model. These photoshoots are very useful in nature for the model as well as photographers.

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