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Look Photography Project: Mother Nature is a portfolio photoshoot of a female from Venezuela. Her name is Feggi. She was here for yoga training. I, through a friend, got to know her and planned this portfolio secession. This photoshoot came up at the initial stage of my photography learning. Overall, I was very excited and anxious inside.


Firstly, I wanted to do it outdoor in the sunlight. As I am not acquainted with the indoor lights and modifiers. Secondly, for location, I wanted it to be safe and isolated. Thirdly, there should be ample contrast. In other words, I wished to have sunlight and shade. The only thing I forgot was a safe changing place. The date and location are locked.

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I, with two friends, reached the location with the model. We had three bikes. We were at our spot at around 9 AM. It was Sunday, so tourists were all over the hill. We decided to start the soot from inside the caves. We have some isolated caves too. She changed in one cave safely, with us guarding the cave. After that, we started the first change photoshoot. It lasted for an hour or more. It was a hot day. So after finishing the change, we had to drink a lot of liquid. She changed for the second look. 

Look photography Mother Nature Tiara on head


We moved downhill and found a place with yellow flowers. I made a tiara from the flowers and creepers. We did our second shoot at that location. Once we finished, the problem of changing for the third look arose. The only possibility was that we would have to go up to the caves for every change. Suddenly, in between our discussion, she came out with her new outfit. Overall, to my surprise, she went to the woods and changed her clothes. 

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I was worried about this activity since she never knew about the leopards in the woods. In other words, I panicked. She calmed me, and we continued the shoot. 

For the other changes, we guarded her in the forest. Soon our photoshoot got over with four changes. 

Look Photography CONCLUSION

Overall it was a great experience. And there were many learnings. In addition, these images were selected for Nov 2021 issue of Hi-Life magazine

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