Zig Zag sung light pink bra model thoughtful sexy


Shooting in Light and Shadow conditions creates a zig-zag pattern getting projected on the model’s face or body. She is a good model and a great friend of mine. In other words, we were colleagues at first, and later we became family friends. 

LOCATION for Light and Shadow

My family lives in a rented space. Once, we were planning for a new place. We searched and found one. But before shifting, my wife has a desire for colouring and cleaning. After everything, we had three days to move. So my wife suggested using the house for a photo shoot.


The new house gets sunlight a lot, but for a limited period. In other words, from 6:30 AM to 11:15 AM. Firstly we did a test shoot the day before. Then we planned for the next day to shoot in the sunlight. So we have to start working before time. I was residing nearby, so my reaching the location was not an issue. But the model stays at a long distance. But she was so dedicated that she was there at 5:30 AM. 


My wife was ready with breakfast. She also invited her for lunch. After finishing breakfast, we hasted to the place. The photo shoot started at 6:45 AM. I couldn’t record a BTS since we were only two of us. She had her makeup kit also she did her makeup. We had one benefit from the previous day. All the materials and clothes were ready from the other day’s test shoot. So I was quick with my selections.

SHOOTING in Light and Shadow

For a first look, I selected the pink bra over the green backdrop. The backdrop is created with drawing sheets with transparent tapes. The sunlight was falling through the window and grill. This lighting, projected the a light and shadow pattern on her face, leaving us a beautiful image.

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