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Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is a style that aims to capture real-life situations artistically. This photography session involves a family with their interactions with each other reflecting the family emotion. In other words, a great session contains perfect shots that give an idea of what life is like to be with family. Not to be confused with photojournalism or portrait photography, lifestyle photography features individuals and families intending to capture real-life events or milestones artistically.

Beginning Lifestyle Photography

This photography genre is a combination of authentic and pre-planned interactions. In addition, lifestyle photographers should have to interact with children, siblings and parents. When I walk into a home, I want to hang out in the children’s rooms because they are the only ones who will not act as per our guidance. They need to be in a happy and good mood. In other words, the best type is a planned version of candid.

Do Not Plan

Planning for this type of photography is a recipe for disappointment. I’m the first to say that before a session, send a questionnaire to the family to find out what makes them tick. Find out about the personalities of the children. What they listen to, what shows they watch. Learn about the subjects, from mood to music, everything. Lifestyle photography is truly a delicate balance between having an exact script and no plan at all. It’s not a staged shoot, but you should get to know the family that you’re photographing.

Right Equipment

For a lifestyle shoot, you may be in multiple locations. Also at least different areas of the house, so you’ll likely run into different lighting scenarios. Because of this, I recommend a lens that will allow you to go wide or zoom in, like a 24-70mm. If you have a second camera, you can bring that and use a 35mm lens – perfect for those fast, wide shots.

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