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Fashion Photography

When I dream of the life of a professional photographer, I usually think about fashion photography. Shooting models and celebrities on beautiful beaches and travelling to exotic places is exciting. 

In addition, as photographers, I know that professionals like me make up a tiny percentage of the industry. What always surprises and inspires me is the different types of fashion images of various photographers. 


Fashion images speak about clothing and other items in the best possible terms. In other words, it is pure marketing. Visuals take ingrained human psychology to convince an interest in and a desire for the product. Fashion images are trendy, sexy, and vibrant. 


If the purpose is to tell a story in a fashion magazine, it’s considered editorial fashion photography. In other words, these photo shoots follow a model through daily tasks and tell a narrative story. Featuring the designer’s clothing throughout the photo shoot is a must. 

The type of photography used for a fashion shoot is seldom wholly at the hands of the photographer. This type of fashion shoot depends on the overall requirements of the campaign. Requirements, as if a magazine page or billboard etc.

High Fashion

These shoots usually involve supermodels or celebrities. These are highly stylizing, with crazy and awkward poses and over-the-top outfits designed to grab everyone’s attention. In other words, everything of the composition contains planning for maximum impact. From the location to the makeup and hair design.

The final image is used in single-page magazine advertising or billboard campaigns. 

Street Photography 

This kind of fashion shoot, the type will be street or lifestyle fashion. In this, the image is photographed on location in everyday environments. In addition, it can be appropriate for catalogues and editorial purposes, or it can be a type of fashion picture all on its own. While in these shoots the model blends in with those around them. They’re in their natural element instead of a stylized and perfect world.

My Photoshoot

This photoshoot happened inside a restaurant at Borivali, Mumbai. We did six changes before the day’s wrap. Overall, I used the Nikkon 35mm F1.8 lens for the whole photoshoot. It was a great learning. 

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