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Fashion News

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Fashion news is a concept of a beautiful damsel female carrying the information you require. She is like a stroke of luck. In addition, she will always provide you with information as per your requirement. It is my first professional and concept photoshoot. In other words, it all started with this. 

fashion news page saree model closeup

It is also my first indoor photoshoot with lights and modifiers. I am always keen to do something new and different. We did our first change with a blue dress over an orange background. The photo shoot was satisfactory, but the urge to do unique struck my mind with this newspaper concept. I explained this to the team, and all agreed and gave their input. 


My team visited several clothing stores but could not find dresses as per my requirements. So we planned a process for cheap clothes. One of my friends went downstairs and bought a kilo of newspapers from a scrap shop. Makeup was under process. I wanted subtle makeup with a brighter white patch on her neck. We did this because we thought it might look a bit futuristic. After it, we started wrapping her with newspapers and transparent tape. I’ll proudly announce myself as a fashion designer at that time. 

For the background, I couldn’t think of anything else than newspapers. We stuck them to a wall, and it looked satisfying. 

page fashion news jeans attaire


The lighting is already set, with a friend acting as a dummy. Now I have to fine-tune the lighting with the model. The problem was that she couldn’t walk, move or pose fast. Since this may damage or tear the papers. She can’t even sit on anything. But she was comfortable with those problems. 

Shooting her was a great experience. 

In conclusion, if I categorise these images, they can come under fashion, portrait, magazine, creative and conceptual. This photoshoot stayed in my mind for a long time. Unfortunately, I never made a BTS of this photoshoot. Today I may not like several images, but still, this is where I started.

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